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Conscious Leadership Program:

General:        4-day program, all inclusive

                        at Landgoed Altembrouck

Dates:            Start 20.10.2020 

                        End   23.10.2020

Price:             € 3900,-


Conscious Leaders Program

a deep dive development program


Leading in complexity asks for truly different leadership skills. We bring a radical new leadership sound to the organizational world through our program: “Conscious Leadership” situated on the unique Landgoed Altembrouck.


The global corona-crisis clearly shows us that decisions leaders took and take, do not only have effect on the immediate and short term; their decisions shape the world for years to come. Conscious leaders matter more than ever! 


Keynote speakers, mentors and coaches

  • Simon Sinek

    Optimist, author and motivational speaker

    Keynote speaker

  • Otto Scharmer

    From ego- to ecosystem

  • Richard Barrett

    Value driven organizations

  • Mark Leruste

    Unconventionalist, speaker

  • Nicole Dubois

    Trainer conscious leadership

  • Stefan Ottenheijm

    Medical doctor, expert resilience and vitality

  • Beatrijs van Brakel

    Expert resilience,

    learning agility 

    and awareness

  • Wim Hof

    Deep dive in cold bathing

  • Rob van Bladel

    Trainer conscious leadership

  • Andre Kuipers

    Astronaut ,

     . . .


The ‘response ability’ is more than ever crucial for leaders. This crisis fast forwards a collective rising in consciousness that needs new leadership; leaders that have the ability to respond quickly and decisively and at the same time keep purpose and outcome on the long term in mind. This asks for leaders who:

  • think and act from eco-systems instead of ego-systems;

  • have different perspectives to approach issues as where they originated from

  • respond to new challenges by visualizing and actualizing new possibilities instead of reflecting on the past.

  • are aware  of the source from which they operate; your interior condition as a leader. This determines the success of your results. Usually the focus is on what needs to be done and how, but not on the quality and source from which you act.



With our program we promise you a deep dive development through immersive and disruptive experiences, exercises ánd exclusive content from inspiring leaders and trainers. You will grow and transform as a leader and will add new skills of conscious leadership to your repertoire. 



  • are self-aware, and authentic

  • are balanced and connected

  • handle and speak from integrity and a clear intention 

  • act from interconnectedness instead of separation

  • are aware and listen to truly understand (and not just to respond)

  • take response-ability and hold themselves accountable 

  • lead from eco-systems instead of ego-systems

  • create a low-stress and high-energy culture

Practitioners cases:

  • Tony Chocolony

  • Center for Humane Technology

  • Radically Open Security

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