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Young Leaders
Young Leaders Program:

General:        3-day program, all inclusive

                        at Landgoed Altembrouck

Dates:            3-4-5 march

Price:             € 2500,-


Young Leaders Program

Transform your desire to do good into life changing action


This Excellence Program will prepare and inspire you as emerging leader to make a difference in the world. We will equip you with skills you need to improve your leadership, to pursue new advanced ideas, develop a more sophisticated, agile mindset and increase your impact.

We integrated some of the best leadership development methods and solutions supported by research that meets young leaders unusual development needs and challenges:

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Keynote speakers, trainers and experiences

Melanie Rieback

Award winning CEO 

'Most innovative woman in EU'

Beatrijs van Brakel

Expert resilience,

learning agility 

and awareness

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Health team

Fysical and mental health coaches

Food experts


Speed of change. Organizations move at an accelerated pace. Continuous change is the new normal to lead. How do you grow your learning agility? What management skills are most effective to master? 


Organizational focus. What global trends are of great impact for our next generations? What responsibilities do you have leading the future? How does your assignment matches your personal believes and goals? What dilemmas do you meet?


Intense competition. Organizations live or die based on their talent. They are proud of their corporate cultures, and use it to recruit and keep talent. How do empower your unique talents and lead from your compass?


High levels of stress. Workloads are enormous these days. Often the young leaders and employees feel under pressure constantly. How do you manage stress effectively and stay vital on the long run?



Our Young Leadership Program focuses on:

  • empowering your management skills,

  • getting a grip on stress management skills,

  • developing your emotional intelligence,

  • aligning the company’s focus with your compass,

  • the ability to influence and motivate rather than just tell people what to do.​



Landgoed Altembrouck

A place for new insights, creativity, refreshment and energy

The moment you enter the driveway you will immediately feel that you are leaving the world behind. You will experience a transforming space.

At this inspiring location every element has been carefully chosen; with historic art and design as the inspiring factor. A dynamic environment in which movement is change.

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Landgoed Altembrouck

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