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Calm, energized and

focused forward





Resilient Leaders

Resilient Leaders Program

Resilient leaders are calm, energized, connected and focused forward.


Who is the human being who is doing the doing? Your interior condition determines the success of your results.

Usually the focus is on what needs to be said or done and how, but not on the quality and source from which you act.

This unique integrative science-based Excellence program learns you about the essence of sustainable high performance: balancing your physical wellbeing, emotional literacy and mental agility.

Awake the true power of your self-leadership and learn how to stay balanced, calm, focused and connected by building your capacity to adapt, and recover from adversity or stress.  More details >

Resilient Leaders Program:

General:        3-day program, all inclusive

                        at Landgoed Altembrouck  

Price:             € 2500,-



How to thrive in an shifting environment

Without resilience, you are headed into a wilderness these days. In times of disruption and upheaval, survival is no guarantee. It’s the agile and resilient leaders who have a much better chance to survive – and even to thrive – in a shifting environment.

Improve your personal, team and organizational energy

for higher performance

​Distress hijacks the mind and leads to fragile leaders who are busy, exhausted, anxious and focused backward, with a deteriorating health.

Resilient leaders are calm, energized, connected and focused forward. They need to be well balanced, wide awake, deeply curious, reflective and courageous.


A personalized program

After thorough personal health-check-intake by dr. S. Ottenheijm (lifestyle doctor) you will actively work on improving your personal challenges on all of your vital layers to boost your performance and energy.

Manage your energy not just your time

We highlight the behavioral and health risks of being hooked into primal reactions. This practical-experience-program with restorative, easy applicable interventions will improve your health and resilience. You will achieve significant improvements in:

  • High energy – low stress balance

  • Focus and engagement

  • Communication and connection

  • Productivity and innovation

  • Effective decision-making

Proven methods

Our approach is evidence-based, practical, integrative and unique. We integrate the fields of health science, biofeedback (HeartMath) and positive psychology with proven methods.




Landgoed Altembrouck

A place for new insights, creativity, refreshment and energy

The moment you enter the driveway you will immediately feel that you are leaving the world behind. You will experience a transforming space.

At this inspiring location every element has been carefully chosen; with historic art and design as the inspiring factor. A dynamic environment in which movement is change.

More information about

Landgoed Altembrouck

Details Resilient program

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