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know your limits,

your passion, your creativity and your mission.


Brave Female Leaders

Effortless leadership from inner strength


Never before have women had so many options. And never before has the call for female leadership been greater: the call for women at the top and the call for more female characteristics in leadership. It is time for a different approach; women can give meaning and add value from a different perspective. 

At the same time, there is something that is holding us back. Years of programming and social structures are still in our system and keep us captive. When we cannot break through this, we find it difficult to set our limits, we take too much account of others, we harden (properly?) we do not take care of ourselves enough, we become hollowed out and exhausted from irritation and we are not sufficiently accepted.

This program learns you to embrace the woman inside you. Untamed by the system and social structures. Become connected to your feminine intuition, creativity and talent. Learn to balance it with your masculine qualities, such as courage and focus.  More about The Challenge and Our Promise




Brave Female Leaders
Brave Female Leaders Program:

General:       3-day program, all inclusive

                        at Landgoed Altembrouck

Price:             € 2500,-

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When you embrace your authentic self, you know your limits, your passion, your sensuality, your creativity and your mission.


Then you take the lesson that you have to learn: you raise your consciousness and you develop your feminine qualities such as slowing down, connection with the bigger picture, intuition, spirituality, compassion, wisdom, vulnerability and especially being in one's full power.


And you learn to bring these qualities into a healthy and authentic balance with your masculine qualities such as courage, focus, result-orientedness, logic and do-power.

It is time to restore the sacred marriage within yourself so that you can effortlessly take your place in the world.



  • We will help you to slow down, connect with your essence and increase your impact as a leader 

  • You will become clear and calm, you (will) have an overview, and above all: you (will) have energy again.

  • You will live from the inside out instead of from the outside in based on your personal compass: your mission, your vision, your talent and your values, translated into a practical plan.

Your time has come !

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