Participate in excellence & experience transformation

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition

They somehow know what you truly want to become.”


Steve Jobs



    Your decisions  shape the world for years to come.


    Get challenged to improve your ‘response-ability’ in this fast and unpredictable changing world. Constant transition is the new normal to lead.

    Learn from Leadership Experts

    and dive into your organizational values and purpose.


    Lift off, zoom out and

    see the whole.

    Meet keynote speaker André Kuipers, a Dutch astronaut and learn from our medical doctor and other experts how to master the overview effect.


    We work with exclusive content and scientifically proven methods to guarantee a valuable experience that will last.


    What management skills are most effective to master?


    We integrated evidence-based solutions and leadership development methods that meets young leaders unusual development needs and challenges of today and tomorrow.


    Improving levels of energy and resilience leads to a higher and happier performance.

    How do you create this high energy – low stress culture and make people meet new limits with agile mindsets?

    Upon completion of the program, you’ll be able to turn Inspiration into Action and add resilience to your repertoire of skills as a leader.

Why choose for our executive education?


Make a difference in your career. 

Make a difference in the world.


Our programs are an invaluable educational opportunity for senior and emerging leaders from every sector of society who have the courage to follow their heart and intuition to explore their core potential. Leaders who seek to optimize their effectiveness, accelerate their impact and connect with other visionary leaders to build a network of peers.


Attain a depth of knowledge in our programs led by experienced leaders, trainers and featuring experienced practitioners in the oases of our beautiful site.


Explore our unique programs designed for individuals and teams or customized for domestic and international organizations.


Keynote speakers, mentors and coaches

  • Melanie Rieback

    Award winning CEO 

    'Most innovative woman in EU'

  • Stefan Ottenheijm

    Medical doctor, expert resilience and vitality

  • Beatrijs van Brakel

    Expert resilience,

    learning agility 

    and awareness

  • Rob van Bladel

    Trainer conscious leadership

  • Andre Kuipers

    Astronaut ,

    contributor sutainabel planet

  • Wim Hof

    Expert connecting


    Deep dive in cold bathing

  • Health team

    Fysical and mental health coaches

    Food experts

Landgoed Altembrouck
A place for new insights, creativity, refreshment and energy


The moment you enter the driveway you will immediately feel that you are leaving the world behind. You will experience a transforming space.

At this inspiring location every element has been carefully chosen; with historic art and design as the inspiring factor. A dynamic environment in which movement is change.

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Landgoed Altembrouck

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